Sen. Hwang urges rejection of Aquarion rate hike appeal

April 11, 2023

For Immediate Release

Sen. Tony Hwang urges rejection of Aquarion appeal

Sen. Tony Hwang, who represents Easton and Fairfield, urged rejection of Aquarion Water Co.’s challenge of a ruling made last month by Connecticut utility regulators which rejected a significant rate increase the company had sought and instead lowered customers’ bills to raise the amount the utility’s customers pay by an unjustifiable 27 percent over three years.

“This reduction happened because we encouraged ratepayers to speak out – and they did speak out unanimously. I continue to commend PURA Chair Marissa Gillett for listening to the consumers.

“As the state Senator who represents the people of the towns that would bear the largest brunt of this excessive and unaffordable hike, I urge rejection of this challenge. As Connecticut’s Attorney General noted, Aquarion failed to meet its burden of showing that such a large rate increase is necessary or appropriate.
“I have yet to receive an answer to a key question for Aquarion: What actions have they taken to make water more affordable for customers? Further, I have been unable to get an answer as to the justification for the massive water diversion from Fairfield and Easton to lower Fairfield County, and how that diversion impacted the drought conditions in Fairfield and Easton.

“I want to remind Aquarion that they have a public trust to maintain water quality.”