Sen. Hwang Cites McKinley School’s “Unique Charm”

April 27, 2023

State Sen. Tony Hwang, R-Fairfield, who was also on the tour, said he appreciates the intent of the law requiring schools to have a proportionate racial balance, but McKinley is not a second-tier school.

“McKinley is such a unique school,” he said. “It is a vibrant, prideful and rich learning environment that has attracted many English as a first language learners and recent immigrants.”

McKinley has embraced that reputation — from flags of various countries its students are from hanging in the entrance hall to various ways to say hello in different languages posted near the classrooms.

Hwang said it is a significant disturbance across the community any time there are talks about redistricting.

Noting his first language was Mandarin Chinese, he said he appreciates that the school is a place where diversity and multiculturalism are celebrated.

“They can maintain the duality of their culture while seeking an American education,” he said. “That’s why McKinley is so special. Do you want to lose that, or do you want to capture that? When you redistrict, you re-dispurse the population. But you lose the unique charm of this school.”