Seminara in the news: “We all hope for the best for our children.”

April 21, 2023

CT Mirror:

In the more than 20 years since the inception of a state law that allows new parents to leave newborns they can’t care for at emergency rooms without fear of criminal charges, 52 babies have been relinquished at Connecticut hospitals across the state.

Connecticut’s SAFE Havens Act was enacted in 2001. Every state in the country has a version of this law, and Texas passed the first one in 1999. The laws aim to prevent cases of infant abandonment in which babies are left in trash cans or outside.

At a press conference on Thursday, supporters of the law spoke to raise awareness of the law for the younger generations of parents.

It’s been years since the law passed, so they periodically need to remind the public about its existence, they said.

Speakers at Thursday’s press conference said the law had saved lives and allowed the babies to get permanent homes.

Sen. Lisa Seminara, R-Avon, said the decision to give up a child is immensely difficult.

“We all hope for the best for our children, we hope that they will be happy and healthy and experience life to the fullest,” Seminara said. “From the moment they are born, every decision we make has our children’s well being and future in the forefront.”