Sen. Somers, Advocates Rally Behind Bill that Aims to Stop Growing Violence Against Healthcare Workers

March 14, 2023


For Immediate Release

Sen. Somers, Advocates Rally Behind Bill that Aims
to Stop Growing Violence Against Healthcare Workers

(Watch the video here.)

Sen. Heather Somers (third from the right) on Mar. 13 joined lawmakers, healthcare workers and hospital officials at the State Capitol to advocate for a bill which aims to stop growing violence against healthcare workers. (HB 6741, An Act Improving The Safety Of Health Care Providers And Patients)

“It is encouraging to see that this bill has widespread and bipartisan support,” said Somers, who serves as the Ranking Senator on Public Health Committee. “We all have a right to feel safe in our jobs, and that includes our skilled and dedicated health care workers who are simply trying to help people. The spike in abuse and attacks is quite troubling, and this legislation offers a common sense solution to help make hospitals safer and more secure. It also sends a message to our health care workforce that we value them, we hear their concerns and we are taking action.”

The legislation includes three components:

  • The development of a marketing campaign by the Department of Public Health addressing the issue of mistreatment of healthcare professionals as a serious problem and encouraging civility in healthcare settings
  • The establishment of a hospital security grant program to be administered by the Office of Policy and Management for securing hospital entrances and public spaces or for other measures to ensure the safety of hospital healthcare providers, hospital staff, and patients
  • Language that would permit, but not require, hospitals to establish policies and procedures related to healthcare provider, staff, and patient safety that govern when a hospital may require a patient receiving nonemergency healthcare to leave the hospital when such patient’s behavior or conduct constitutes a threat to the safety of a healthcare provider, staff member, or other patient

The bill awaits a vote in the Public Health Committee. On the web: