Sen. Sampson Statement on Measure Further Extending HUSKY Benefits to Undocumented Individuals

March 10, 2023

State Sen. Rob Sampson (R-Wolcott) issued the following response to a recent CT Public inquiry on the Human Services Committee’s passage of HB 6616:


“It’s obvious that the recent attempt to extend benefits to more undocumented individuals is purely political, aimed at expanding political favor with yet another special interest – and at the expense of workable and legitimate public policy. Elected Democrats continue to exploit undocumented individuals, pretending to be their protectors and benefactors. In reality, what they are doing is cementing this population as a permanent underclass that is reliant on the government.  Think about it, sanctuary cities, driver’s licenses, and government healthcare do not equal becoming part of the community, citizenship, or future success. Undocumented individuals cannot work lawfully. They cannot vote, and they must live in fear of federal immigration authorities. This is not kindness. The right thing to do would be to tell them the truth and work toward a sensible policy solution that does not diminish any person, regardless of origin.


“I am sympathetic to anyone who wants to come to this great country.  Who could blame anyone for wanting to pursue the American dream where freedom and capitalism have given us the highest quality of life in human history?  Certainly not me – but the dream has never included the promise of government benefits paid for by others. There are two issues here – immigration and the march toward socialism.  Both are related but the immigration issue must be fixed first.


“I don’t think the undocumented people coming here are doing it because they want more socialism.  After all, there is a high probability they are trying to get away from a socialist country.


“However, participation in America and what it offers must be pursued lawfully.  We should be fixing our immigration system rather than providing additional benefits to those who broke our immigration laws at the expense of law-abiding taxpayers and lawful immigrants.  Step one: Secure America’s borders.  Step two: craft federal immigration policy that allows an expansion of lawful immigration now that illegal immigration has been prevented.  Step three:  develop different policies depending on the source country, the will of the individual, and what is in America’s best interests.  This would include a path to citizenship as lawful immigrants now have, but other options too for those who only wish to remain temporarily, for education, for work, etc.  If this sounds like the laws on the books we aren’t following, it’s because it is – and that’s what we should get back to.”