Sen. Sampson Reacts to CT Democrats’ Tottering on Rent Control

March 1, 2023

Sampson: Our efforts put Progressive Democrats in retreat mode.


State Sen. Rob Sampson (R-Wolcott), ranking member of the legislature’s Housing Committee, today reacted to the apparent Democrat policy reversal on the contentious “rent cap” issue during a Housing Committee public hearing on February 28. In the hearing that included S.B. 4, it was revealed that Democrat leadership stripped the signature measure in the bill that would force housing providers to cap annual rent increases at four percent, plus the consumer price index.


This development follows last week’s contentious Housing Committee public hearing where hundreds of concerned residents appeared in Hartford to oppose the same “rent cap” provision in a separate bill, including both housing providers and renters alike.


Senator Sampson said, “I am delighted to see legislative Democrats recognizing the inherent dangers in going down the road of price controls and choice to abandon the imposition of arbitrary limits on what a housing provider may charge. This speaks to the power of our collective voices. Thoughtful Connecticut citizens know that using government force to alter a private contract between private parties is not only unjust, but leads to disastrous consequences. They made their voices heard last week, and clearly Democrats received the message.


“Thank you to my many constituents and concerned residents who took the time to speak out, either in person, online, or by writing-in to express your distaste for big government last week. Clearly, Progressive Democrats heard you loud and clear and now are retreating. Let’s continue to hold them accountable as it will be a long session with other avenues for these ill-conceived rent control policies to re-emerge.”