Sen. Martin supports workforce development initiative

March 9, 2023

Sen. Henri Martin supports workforce development initiative

(From The Bristol Press)

Sen. Henri Martin joined Senate Republicans in unveiling a package of legislative proposals aimed at bolstering Connecticut’s workforce and growing jobs.

The proposal is intended to address shortages in key industries. Senate Republicans were joined by leaders from the construction industry and education communities in introducing the legislation.

The proposals include policies to address the teacher and healthcare worker shortage, bolster career pathway development, enhance work-based learning experiences, boost vocational program recruitment for middle school aged children, require financial literacy education in Connecticut schools, and promote trade school enrollment.

“One of the common themes Senator Cicarella and I heard during our various conversations with stakeholders was the word ‘pathways,'” said Martin. “We want the state to encourage the creation of those career pathways. Pathways to becoming a nurse or a teacher, pathways into the construction trades, into the IT sector, into hospitality, finance, marketing and more.”