Sen. Hwang Helping Steer Important Traffic Safety Initiatives

March 21, 2023

Familiar local officials including Newtown Police Commissioner and traffic safety scientist Neil Chaudhary, resident and State Rep Mitch Bolinsky, and State Senator Tony Hwang who represents the community as well, have all been engaged in critical traffic safety initiatives that could end up protecting countless lives, and maybe even saving a few.

Wrong-way driving crashes in Connecticut tripled in 2022, according to Hwang. This included 13 wrong-way crashes that resulted in 23 deaths, compared to four wrong-way crashes in 2021 and only two in 2020.

“Preventing these terrible tragedies requires a holistic approach, and public awareness is a key part of that strategy,” Hwang said. “Education can be highly impactful whether it is regarding prevention of impaired driving from alcohol and marijuana or prevention of wrong-way driving. This initiative can — and likely will — save lives, and that should be our common goal as Republicans and Democrats.”


Local, State Officials Helping Steer Important Traffic Safety Initiatives