(photo) Sen. Hwang: “Today is a victory for ratepayers.”

March 15, 2023

For Immediate Release:

Sen. Hwang: “Today is a victory for ratepayers.”

Sen. Tony Hwang today issued the following statement in reaction to Connecticut utility regulators upholding a draft ruling in a rate case where Aquarion Water had sought a 27 percent rate increase spread across three years and instead reducing customers bills.

“The ratepayers’ voices have been heard. I thank PURA Chairwoman Marissa Gillett and Commissioner Michael Caron for holding utilities accountable in the 2-1 majority decision. In early January, I wrote to PURA to urge rejection of this unjustifiable rate hike.  As the state Senator who represents the people of the towns that would bear the largest brunt of this excessive and unaffordable hike, I asked PURA to consider whether this request is at all warranted. Today is a victory for ratepayers, and it shows what can happen when people speak out and our regulators listen.”

Sen. Hwang noted that public hearings have begun regarding UI’s request for a rate increase. Ratepayers can weigh in until March 25. To tell state regulators what you think of the potential UI rate hike: