CT Senate Republicans Unveil ‘A Better Way to an Accountable Connecticut’ Plan, Call for Government Transparency & Accountability

March 16, 2023

“The sacrifices of taxpayers must be respected.” 


(WATCH the press conference video here.)

Emphasizing its potential positive impacts on job growth, transportation infrastructure, and the environment, Senate Republican Leader Kevin Kelly (R-Stratford) and the Connecticut Senate Republican caucus today unveiled a set of policy proposals called “A Better Way to an Accountable Connecticut” that inject transparency and sunlight into state government. The Republican lawmakers were also joined by Gwen Samuel, Founder and President, The Connecticut Parents Union, who underscored the importance of transparency to ensure public dollars are used for their intended purpose: to benefit the people of Connecticut.


The plan, which can be viewed in detail here, includes initiatives to:


  • Increase oversight and transparency of federal COVID-19 relief funds
  • Establish accountability in overseeing federal infrastructure dollars
  • Ensure accountability through the checks and balances of our democracy by establishing the Chief Accountability Office


“All Connecticut residents deserve a government that is transparent and accountable,” said Senator Kelly. “Our state is receiving billions and billions of federal dollars, and the sacrifices of taxpayers must be respected. This funding must have a transformative effect on our state. Our better way proposals will help to create more jobs in the construction and transportation industries, allow for more transportation projects to be completed on time and under budget, and boost our green economy. More transparency and accountability will benefit the Connecticut taxpayer in many ways, and we hope our solutions will gain bipartisan support.”