PHOTO Sen. Martin Responds to Gov. Lamont’s Biennial $50.5 Billion Budget Proposal

February 10, 2023

February 9, 2023

Sen. Martin Responds to Gov. Lamont’s Biennial $50.5 Billion Budget Proposal

HARTFORD –Chief Deputy Senator Henri Martin (R- Bristol) today reacted to Gov. Ned Lamont’s two-year $50.5 billion biennial state budget proposal that includes a ten-year renewal of budget structural that Republican lawmakers championed in 2017.

“I am encouraged that Governor Lamont has embraced the fiscally conservative concepts and principles Republican legislators worked so diligently in prior budget cycles. We applaud the Governor on his proposed tax cut and look forward to working with his administration to continue financial stability and economic growth here in Connecticut.

In 2017, I voted on a bipartisan budget that put the current bond lock in effect, which preserves the caps and protects our state government from overspending. While we certainly hope to avoid a recession, these sound Republican fiscal policies ensure a stable rainy-day fund that will tide us over in times of economic downturn.

During the convocation at today’s budget address, Reverend Erika Thompson said, ‘I always remind my people, the holy season of putting together our annual budget, that at its core, our budget is really a statement of faith: a way of naming concretely what we believe is most important. A budget publicly proclaims our priorities, what we care about, and lets folks know where we will be investing our energy and resources.’ I agree wholeheartedly and am pleased to see the emphasis placed on childcare funding. As a grandfather, I see the value of childcare, but the every day the toll of exorbitant childcare costs are taking on the next generation’s parents.

Although the Governor’s budget contains many good proposals, I am highly concerned about the top-line spending increase—more than 3.5%. While Connecticut is experiencing a surplus, we will not always have federal ARPA bailout funding to have our backs. True relief to Connecticut’s families is by turning that spending increase into an additional tax cut or credit.”

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Senator Martin was joined last month on opening day in the Senate chamber by his wife Roxanne (left) and daughter Julie (right).