Video | ‘Lawmakers seeking solutions to state’s teacher shortage’ (WFSB)

January 23, 2023

Story as it appears on WFSB:


A teacher shortage in Connecticut is causing lawmakers to find solutions. We need more math teachers and those who can teach a trade at our technical schools.


The education committee heard several proposals on Friday. “I’ve always had a few students who need extra attention but now there are many students that need extra attention,” said Lisa Cordova, kindergarten teacher.


Cordova said some new teachers leave quickly because they can’t handle the behavioral issues. She feels smaller class sizes would help.


Another problem is Connecticut needs more math teachers.


Angela Zandri, an 11th grader at Wilcox Tech in Meriden, said a substitute is leading her math class and can’t get immediate help.


“They don’t teach anything cause they are not qualified to teach math they just watch over the class cause you can’t have students in a classroom without an adult,” Zandri said.


The education committee is looking at ways to hire more teachers.


“Besides checking a box and passing a test we need individuals to demonstrate that they can actually do the work. Almost like an apprenticeship program,” said Sen. Doug McCrory.


There has been a big push to develop our workforce and that means training more students in manufacturing and other trades.


“We should be finding a way in concert with the state department of education to offer an alternative certification for tradesmen. People who are carpenters, plumbers whatever they may be and offer that trade and bring it into a classroom,” said Sen. Eric Berthel.


This shortage is not unique to Connecticut. All states are struggling to hire and retain teachers. We also need more social workers and school counselors.