Sen. Somers, Groton Officials Push for CT Mold Policy Reforms

January 5, 2023

Sen. Somers, Mayor Hedrick, Groton Officials Pushing for CT Mold Policy Reforms

GROTON  – Calling the ongoing public health crisis at Branford Manor Apartments “a call to action”, Sen. Heather Somers today announced that she is proposing legislation in the Connecticut General Assembly’s 2023 session to make reforms on how the state tests for and prevents mold.  The session began on Wednesday.

“The dangerous and unhealthy living conditions that Branford Manor residents have been enduring points to a need for action,” said Sen. Somers, who serves as Ranking Senator on the Public Health Committee.

Somers’ legislation will require the state Department of Public Health to:

  1. establish indoor mold standards
  2. prepare a public service announcement on how to prevent mold how to clean for mold
  3. provide the appropriate test protocol and procedures when testing for mold
  4. Somers said she will push to get a public hearing scheduled for her proposal.

“This is a pressing health issue which points to a need for widespread reform,” Somers said. “And we will be united in reaching that goal.”

Groton City Mayor Keith Hedrick added, “Having indoor mold standards including testing protocols, acceptable levels and criteria for remediation is essential in the ability to identify and remediate mold in living spaces. Without these standards, protocols or criteria, local government enforcement of acceptable living conditions is handicapped. I support this legislation as a start to mold identification and remediation regulation.”

Hedrick, along with Deputy Mayor Gweneviere Depot, Town Manager John Burt and several staff members have been working closely with Somers for more than eight months to best use resources to help area residents.

Somers said she will introduce the legislation in the coming days and will let the public know how to testify either in person or via Zoom.

She urged area residents to contact her on the Branford Manor mold issue and her proposed reforms at [email protected]