Sen. Sampson Questions Cooperation Between CT Officials, Big Tech, FBI to Censor Private Citizens

January 12, 2023

State Sen. Rob Sampson (R-Wolcott), ranking member of the Government Administration and Elections Committee, today issued a statement on the latest “Twitter Files” email dump, which revealed that state officials from the offices of the Secretary of the State and Attorney General communicated with Twitter employees and the F.B.I. to flag private user accounts for what they deemed to be “misinformation” during the 2020 elections and Covid pandemic, respectively.


“These actions by state elected officials and their offices do not inspire trust in our government and are wholly contrary to our American system of representative government. The authenticity of these emails is not in dispute.


“To see evidence of partisan, elected Majority Democrats in our state government conspiring with Big Tech to determine what speech is acceptable is chilling. I sounded the alarm on this in the summer when the Governor announced the hiring of a $150, 000 per-year “security analyst” to combat supposed election misinformation. I hope that this story serves as a much-needed wake-up call where the public outcry reaches critical mass. Free Americans shouldn’t allow such behavior to continue,” said Sen. Sampson.