Sen. Martin discusses equality, 2023 bill proposals at Greater Bristol NAACP event

January 18, 2023

Annual scholarship breakfast of the Greater Bristol NAACP

BRISTOL – The annual scholarship breakfast of the Greater Bristol NAACP saw local leaders celebrate the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Rev. Dr. Eddie Whitehead.

Sen. Henri Martin spoke about some of the new bills proposed in the legislature.

He spoke of the need to provide more workforce development and congratulated Bristol Schools and the Central CT Chambers of Commerce for their efforts to do so.

He also spoke about a bill which would make assaulting healthcare workers a Class C Felony. He said that this has been a growing problem at local hospitals.

In addition, Martin spoke in support of a bill which would require shared parenting for separated couples. People raised by only a single parent, he said, have higher rates of dropping out of high school, suicide and homelessness.

Martin ended his remarks by saying that Bristol makes sure that all races are included in the community and that “equality is our creed.”