Sen. Fazio, CT Republicans unveil proposal to decrease soaring electric bills

January 18, 2023

Sen. Fazio, Connecticut Republicans unveil proposal to decrease soaring electric bills

(WTNH) — A new Republican proposal targets eliminating what they say is a “hidden fee” on soaring electric bills.
Utility bills went up by about 50% for Eversource and United Illuminating on Jan. 1, with companies pointing to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine as the reason why it’s more pricy to purchase energy in New England.

It’s a change that has hit hard — costing the average home an estimated $80 more a month.

“Anything, any kind of price increase, is tough on small businesses,” said Jack Troncoso, who owns ACE Hardware in Waterford.

The Republican-led plan includes eliminating the line on utility bills for “public policy,” which would lead to a $22 savings on a $150 bill.

“We are not looking to throw rocks and bricks,” said Rep. Bill Buckbee (R-District 67). “We want to find solutions.”

The “public policy” funds pay for the Clean Air Act, the Green Bank and other renewable energy programs.

Instead, Republicans want it to be a part of the state budget, touting a potential savings of $210 a year.

Rep. Ryan Fazio (R-District 36) said they change it so the dollars aren’t “hidden away from plain sight and embedded in our electricity bill.”