Sen. Kelly Statement on Army’s Black Hawk Replacement Contract

December 6, 2022

Senate Republican Leader Kevin Kelly (R-Stratford) released the following statement in reaction to the announcement made by the U.S. Army regarding the awarding of the Future Long Range Assault Aircraft contract:


“This news is disappointing for our community and for the hard-working men and women who build the world’s best helicopter. Sikorsky is a leader in innovation, building the world class helicopter that flies our Commander in Chief. It’s surprising that the Pentagon did not choose that same quality, best-in-the-world team to also fly our men and women in the armed forces. The Black Hawk and Sikorsky have flown and protected those who serve for many years with the utmost quality and delivery. I remain optimistic  that although the Bell V-280 Valor was chosen for its speed and distance, the Pentagon will also see the value to invest in aircraft that is extremely reliable and maneuverable in tight situations like Sikorsky helicopters. It is my hope that the Pentagon will evaluate continuing the Black Hawk helicopter in a modified version and look to Sikorsky for the FARA (Future Attack Reconnaissance Aircraft) project of the future.”