Welcoming Three New Members to the State Senate!

November 11, 2022

Senate Republican Leader Kevin Kelly, Senator-elect Stephen Harding, Senator-elect Dr. Jeffrey Gordon, and Senator-elect Lisa Seminara

Senate Republican Leader Kevin Kelly (R-Stratford) released the following statement on the 2022 Connecticut election results and welcoming three new members to the Senate Republican Caucus:


“I want to thank each and every Republican candidate, their families, and their dedicated supporters for working so hard to run great campaigns across the state. You should all be proud of the work you put in to reaching people, listening, and offering a vision for a better way forward. I also want to congratulate the successful candidates from both parties who will soon join us in the State Senate to represent the voices of every resident across our state. The Senate Republican Caucus remains strong, resilient, and unified in our vision for a state where everyone has the opportunity to succeed. We are very excited to welcome to our caucus three outstanding new senators who will bring even more passion, energy, and new perspective to our chamber to benefit our entire state.”


  • Senator-Elect Lisa Seminara (R-8) is a member of the Avon Board of Education, a licensed clinical social worker, and dedicated community servant. She is also an advocate for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and is a founder of the Avon Special Education Parent Association.
  • Senator-Elect Stephen Harding (R-30) of Brookfield has served as a member of the State House of Representatives, is Ranking Member of the Legislature’s Environment Committee, and operates his own law practice in Danbury. He is an active community member, volunteer coach, and advocate for substance abuse treatment and mental health care.
  • Senator-Elect Dr. Jeffrey Gordon (R-35) is a Woodstock resident, a hematology-oncology physician, and a long-time community volunteer. He is Past President of the CT State Medical Society and currently serves as Chair of the Woodstock Planning and Zoning Commission. He is a Past President of the Woodstock Education Foundation, Treasurer of the Woodstock Agricultural Society (also a member of the Society’s Board of Directors), and Vice-President of the Woodstock Safety Patrol.


“Democrats in Connecticut campaigned on the successes of the state’s historic bipartisan fiscal protections adopted when the Senate had an equal number of Republicans and Democrats,” Senator Kelly said. “Those bipartisan protections yielded a record-breaking rainy-day fund and historic pension payments. CT Democrats have promised to deliver more surpluses, tax cuts, and relief from inflation. It’s what middle class families want; and Republicans, as the voice of working- and middle-class families, are going to hold Democrats accountable to the promises they’ve made.


“Let’s get to work. Let’s deliver relief now. Let’s address the home heating crisis today. Let’s stop the new tax on trucks from taking effect January 1. Let’s extend the soon to expire bond lock, the only measure that truly protects our spending caps and long fought for financial protections. We have an opportunity to fulfill those promises now, together, to benefit all of Connecticut. Will Democrats join us?”


Sen. Kelly also congratulated winners of statewide elections.


“Congratulations to Governor Lamont, Attorney General Tong, Erick Russell, Stephanie Thomas, Sean Scanlon, and our Congressional delegation. We all want to do what is best for Connecticut and our families. I look forward to working together with all voices at the table to achieve that goal.”