Sen. Kissel Votes for Gas Tax Holiday Extension But warns of Jan. 1 Truck Tax which “definitely will increase the costs of groceries.”

November 30, 2022

Sen. Kissel Votes for Gas Tax Holiday Extension

But warns of Jan. 1 Truck Tax which “definitely will increase the costs of groceries.”

Sen. John A. Kissel (R-7th District) today voted in favor of extending the state’s gas tax holiday and approving more energy assistance funding for vulnerable residents, but said lawmakers should be doing much more to ease the pain for taxpayers.

“This gas tax holiday originally was a Republican initiative which received bipartisan support,” Sen. Kissel said. “That tax relief should continue through the end of the fiscal year, but instead it will end in April. We need to be doing more to help provide significant tax relief for the families and small businesses in our communities.”

Sen. Kissel has successfully rallied against the majority’s attempt to pass tolls legislation. He also successfully rallied against last year’s attempt by majority Democrats to enact a new state gas tax. 

“People here in north-central Connecticut are overtaxed and struggling,” Sen. Kissel said. “A Jan. 1 truck tax looms, and that truck tax will definitely increase the costs of groceries. We should have eliminated that truck tax today, but unfortunately the majority wants to let it become reality.”

Sen. Kissel cited a list solutions he supports in which could make Connecticut more affordable for everyone. They include immediate income tax relief, immediate sales tax relief and the elimination of the Jan. 1 truck mileage tax.

Sen. Kissel noted that high costs have made the holiday season more difficult for many, including area food banks, soup kitchens, and the people they serve. For example, registration at the Enfield Food Shelf has gone up about 20% over the past five weeks, while donations have dropped by about 24%.  Sen. Kissel urged area residents to continue donating to Enfield Food Shelf: and 

Enfield Loaves and Fishes:

“From tax relief to heating assistance, I will continue to be a strong voice for the middle class, fragile seniors on fixed incomes and people who need help,” Sen. Kissel said. “The measures we passed this week in bipartisan fashion are helpful in addressing high costs, but they are not nearly enough. I will continue pushing for greater and more extensive relief in 2023.”

Sen. Kissel represents Enfield, Suffield, Somers, East Granby, Granby, Windsor, Windsor Locks and Ellington. On the web: