Sen. Hwang Statement on Tuesday, Nov. 22 Aquarion Water Rate Hike Hearing

November 21, 2022
Statement from Sen. Hwang:
“On Tuesday, Nov. 22 at 10 a.m., the state will hold an Evidentiary Hearing on Aquarion Water Company’s application to raise its rates. You can watch it here:
I have submitted written testimony emphasizing that the company’s proposed rate increase will only add to Connecticut families’ burdens. My main question for Aquarion continues to be this: What actions have you taken to make water more affordable for your customers?
In addition, what was the justification for the massive water diversion from Fairfield and Easton to lower Fairfield County, and how did that diversion impact the drought conditions in Fairfield and Easton?

After the state issues its final decision on this rate hike proposal, we need to hear from CT regulators any suggestions they have for statutory changes needed in future rate cases.”