Sen. Cicarella Statement on November Special Session Bill

November 29, 2022

State Sen. Paul Cicarella (R-North Haven) released the following statement regarding yesterday’s special session of the Connecticut General Assembly and House Bill 6001 An Act Concerning the Suspension of Certain Gas Taxes, the Extension of Free Bus Service, Bottle Deposit Labels and Funding for the Connecticut Premium Pay Program and Energy Assistance.


“Families across our district need relief. It’s my hope that the measures passed yesterday will at least blunt the impact of the crushing inflation that has been with us for the past year. However, the bill fails to go far enough and implement the Republican ideas that we have pushed since the spring, like a continued pause of the state’s gas tax and funding energy assistance to reflect the increase in demand. It is a temporary solution to an affordability problem that has plagued Connecticut for a decade.


“Families across our district are truly worried about how they’ll continue to fill their tanks, afford common groceries, or even heat their homes. The short-term savings that this bill creates will likely be negated by the truck tax when it takes effect in January–a tax that Republicans pushed to eliminate as another long-term solution. Combine this tax with phasing-in the gas tax throughout the winter and spring, and families may find themselves with the same problems. With a budget surplus of $2.8 billion, we can afford these long-term solutions. I will continue to be an advocate for taxpayer relief that’s lasting in the coming years in Hartford,” said Sen. Cicarella.


Sen. Cicarella and Senate Republicans offered amendments to the proposed bill to deliver greater relief to working- and middle-class families.


Since the spring, Sen. Cicarella and CT Republicans advocated to extend the gas tax cut, restore funding to the Low Income Energy Assistance Program, repeal the truck tax, reduce the sales tax, cut the income tax, and make CT more affordable for all families.