Sen. Berthel Statement on November Special Session Bill

November 29, 2022

Emphasizes that CT families still require long-term solutions for relief


State Sen. Eric Berthel (R-Watertown) released the following statement regarding yesterday’s special session of the Connecticut General Assembly and House Bill 6001: An Act Concerning the Suspension of Certain Gas Taxes, the Extension of Free Bus Service, Bottle Deposit Labels and Funding for the Connecticut Premium Pay Program and Energy Assistance.


“I supported this bill because it is a positive step to help struggling families. However, it does not go far enough for residents that continue to face crushing inflation. Foremost, the gas tax holiday should have been extended through June of next year, a solution that I offered with Senate Republican colleagues. The bill also falls short with funding to help the most vulnerable to heat their homes this winter. The new ‘truck tax’ will only make this situation worse when it takes effect on January 1.


“Nonetheless, this bill is better than nothing. In fact, many of its elements began as Republican ideas this past spring, as a vehicle to turn the state’s historic surplus into real savings for families. I will continue this message throughout 2023 because struggling taxpayers continue to be forced to decide between basic needs. Connecticut is better than this,” said Sen. Berthel.


Sen. Berthel and Senate Republicans offered amendments to the proposed bill to deliver greater relief to working- and middle-class families.


Since the spring, Sen. Berthel and CT Republicans have advocated to extend the gas tax cut, restore funding to the Low Income Energy Assistance Program, repeal the truck tax, reduce the sales tax, cut the income tax, and make CT more affordable for all families.