(Watch) Sen. Fazio: “We can do better in this state.”

October 4, 2022

We can do better in this state,” said state Sen. Ryan Fazio (R-Greenwich) at a Monday morning news conference.

“All 50 states are facing major problems nationally, but Connecticut —compared to the rest of the country — is suffering far more.”

The Connecticut Business and Industry Association is sounding the alarm.

“Today’s release of the GDP numbers clearly highlights the impact the state’s labor shortage crisis—along with inflation and supply chain bottlenecks—is having on our economy,” said CBIA president Chris DiPentima. “The finance and insurance and manufacturing sectors, two critical components of our economy, saw some of the biggest declines in the first quarter. The performance of those sectors, along with contraction in the construction and real estate sectors—which typically act as early warning signs—is very troubling.”

“There are days when I say I’m going to throw in the towel, but then I think about my employees,” said Caren St. Phillip, owner of Caren’s Cos Cobber in Greenwich.