Sen. Martin Calls for Action As Gas and Mileage Tax Hikes, Fuel Shortages Loom

October 29, 2022

For Immediate Release:

Sen. Martin Calls for Action As Gas and Mileage Tax Hikes, Fuel Shortages Loom

Cites “Scary, Poisonous Stew” of Issues Which Require Immediate Action

“A scary, poisonous stew of family budget-busting, job-killing forces which require our immediate attention here in Connecticut.”

That’s how Sen. Henri Martin (R-31st District) describes upcoming diesel fuel shortages, the scheduled 25-cent per gallon gas tax hike on Dec. 1, the new Jan. 1 truck mileage tax and skyrocketing home heating oil prices.

“The economic uncertainty level is of major concern here in greater Bristol and across our state,” said Martin, the Ranking Senator on the Connecticut legislature’s Commerce Committee as well as the Finance, Revenue and Bonding Committee. “People are justifiably worried – and frightened – about the weeks and months ahead. Their heating bills are through the roof.  Why are we targeting their wallets with more tax hikes 30 days and 60 days from now? Why are we standing by as grocery bills are undoubtedly going to become even more unaffordable?  Where is the sense of urgency among Democrats who run our state?”

Martin said a special session of the legislature should be convened immediately to address these pressing concerns.

“We need the current leadership at the State Capitol to not simply wait for this tidal wave of rising costs to sweep away Connecticut families’ savings,” Martin said. “We need action – not next month or next year – we need action now. Hoping that things are going to get better is not a strategy. Listen to the people who elected you. Listen to the small business owners. They need immediate help. You work for them. Lead.”

Sen. Martin supports a package of policy solutions ( which can immediately bring about a more affordable Connecticut.

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