September 14, 2022

Earns Excellence and Achievement Award from CPAC’s Center for Legislative Accountability for his 2021 voting record that supported conservative principles in key policy areas.


State Sen. Rob Sampson (R-16) earned an Award for Conservative Excellence and Achievement from the Conservative Political Action Coalition (CPAC) based on the results of a new 50-state analysis conducted by their Center for Legislative Accountability (CLA) project and the American Conservative Union Foundation.


The conservative rating is calculated through CPAC’s scorecards and is based on lawmaker voting across 186 policy areas ranging from cultural and life issues to tax, fiscal, and regulatory policies. Each year the CLA tallies over 260,000 votes to generate the scores for voting with the conservative position at least 80 percent of the time.


“I believe strongly in our unique American system of true representative government. I am elected by the families of the 16th District to represent their values in Hartford. My record in upholding conservative principles: limited, representative government, and the ideal of individual freedom over governmental force reflects these values. The people of my district know they can count on me to continue upholding these principles even if our state has, according to this analysis, veered even further to the left with detrimental consequences,” said Senator Sampson.


More on CPAC’s Connecticut legislator scorecard is here: