Fighting for relief as home heating costs surge

September 1, 2022

Connecticut families are facing funding cuts to home heating assistance as energy costs soar and winter looms.

Inflation is at a 40 year high and home energy prices are rising at the fastest rate in over a decade. Home heating costs are skyrocketing and expected to create a crisis this winter for seniors, individuals on fixed incomes, and increasingly more working- and middle-class families.

At the same time oil prices are going through the roof, dysfunctional Washington slashed home heating assistance, leaving Connecticut seniors and families facing significant cuts even as prices soar.

I am asking lawmakers to join me in calling on the state legislature to hold a special session to provide relief to CT families.

Read our plan to restore and expand relief to working- and middle-class families. 

We MUST act now, before winter is here. Taking a wait and see approach is irresponsible. It puts Connecticut seniors and vulnerable families at risk. Waiting on Washington also means no expanded relief for middle class families.

CT Democrats rejected our proposal to restore energy assistance to seniors and low income families as well as expand relief to middle-class families. Although they refused to act on the Legislative Committee level, we can still get this over the finish line if lawmakers join together to call a special session to put money back in the pockets of our overtaxed and overburdened working- and middle-class families.

Join me in calling on my colleagues and asking them to sign the petition for a special session to provide relief to our families and help stop a home heating crisis this winter.

Call Senate Democrats at 800-842-1420
Call House Democrats at 800-842-1902
Call Governor Lamont at 800-406-1527

Learn more about our proposal to help Connecticut families.


How to Apply for Energy Assistance

If you are in need of winter energy assistance, you can apply for help online, by phone, by email, by mail, or in person at your local Community Action Agency (CAA). Click to learn how to apply.Local Community Action Agencies:

Alliance for Community Empowerment, Inc.
1070 Park Avenue
Bridgeport, CT 06604
(203) 366-8241 ext. 3991
TEAM, Inc.
30 Elizabeth Street
Derby, CT 06418
(203) 736-5420