Senator Witkos Applauds State Investment of Talcott Mountain State Park

August 1, 2022

Hartford, CT – State Senator Kevin Witkos (R-Canton) is applauding the recent approval by the State Bond Commission of funds to renovate and preserve Heublein Tower at Talcott Mountain State Park located in Simsbury.

Per the Department of Energy & Environmental Protection, “this project will make much-needed investments to assure that this iconic Connecticut building is preserved and enhanced for the enjoyment of the public today, and for future generations.  This project will include the funding of both the design and subsequent construction stage of the rehabilitation of the Tower.

The Heublein Tower is exposed to severe elements on the ridge of Talcott Mountain, and is no longer weather-tight and has leaks and roofing failures in a number of locations.  This project will first design and then implement a series of improvements to secure the building exterior and envelope and to also install HVAC improvements that will keep the stable throughout the changing seasons as well as other specific project elements that will be developed during the design phase.”

“As a long time supporter of Talcott Mountain State Park, I am thrilled that funding has been allocated to supporting and preserving this treasured landmark.     The Heublein Tower is a iconic part of the Farmington Valley.  Whether you’ve visiting the tower in person after a hike, enjoying a music and arts event,  or simply admiring the tower during your daily commute,  it is a part of our community that is highly deserving of these funds” said Senator Witkos.

“Talcott Mountain State Park, and the Heublein Tower are lovingly cared for by not only the hard working staff at the Department of Energy & Environmental Protection, but also by a highly dedicated volunteer force at the Friends of Heublein Tower.  These individuals work hard year round to support the work of DEEP, take on special projects, and raise funds to further maintain and care for the park.  We are incredibly lucky to have a passionate group of individuals at the Friends of Heublein Tower and I am always grateful for their ongoing dedication” added Senator Witkos.

The State Bond Commission approved $6,200,000 at their meeting held on Friday, July 29th.

Learn more about the Friends of Heublein Tower by clicking Here. 


Heublein Tower

Heublein Tower at Talcott Mountain State Park in Simsbury.