Sen. Formica (opinion): More government not the solution to unaffordability

August 10, 2022

Sen. Formica (opinion):


More government not the solution to unaffordability


(published in Hearst Media CT)


Under Connecticut’s Senate and House Democratic majority, Connecticut is one of the most overtaxed and unaffordable states for everything from health care to housing.

As other states now grapple with proposed health insurance rate increases averaging 10 percent, Connecticut residents are facing increases averaging over 20 percent, twice the national average.

The solution to the state’s unaffordability is not more government, as suggested in Hugh Bailey’s recent column.

Republicans have offered for years a better way to reduce health insurance rates, address rising prescription drug costs, and increase access to quality health care. Unfortunately, legislative Democrats would rather argue about a government run “public option” health system than vote on real, achievable solutions.

A government-run health care system would mean lesser quality care, more taxes on working and middle class residents, and would jeopardize over 50,000 good-paying jobs in Connecticut.

Government-run health care programs, such as Medicare, Medicaid or the VA system, are not the gold standard. They involve uncertainty and a one-size-fits-all solution that picks winners and losers. Most people on Medicare need a private insurance supplement to obtain their needed level of care — supplements that could go away under a public option.

A “public option” could violate the protections of the Affordable Care Act by allowing discrimination against persons with preexisting conditions and there’s no guarantee that you can keep your doctor.

Also in a government-run health system, state taxpayers are the backstop if premiums don’t cover claims. We’ve already seen this happen in Connecticut. 

When our state’s government-run “Partnership Plan” had years of multimillion-dollar deficits, it was taxpayers who had to bail out the program, multiple times.

With your help, we can make Connecticut more affordable and ease burdens on working- and middle-class families while at the same time reduce health care costs and increase access to quality care.

Together, let’s focus on achievable solutions, solutions that work for Connecticut families; not imposing a one-size-fits-all Washington partisan approach.

*State Sen. Paul Formica serves as Senate Republican Leader Pro Tempore. He represents the 20th Senatorial District, which includes Bozrah, East Lyme, a portion of Montville, New London, Old Lyme, a portion of Old Saybrook, Salem, and Waterford.