Sen. Cicarella, Rep. Candelora Praise AT&T Foundation’s $100K Contribution to JoeAbate Charitable Foundation

August 8, 2022

NORTH BRANFORD — The JoeAbate Charitable Foundation has been awarded a $10,000 contribution from the AT&T Foundation to provide scholarships and to support the organization’s academic and career planning program for local high school students.


“We are grateful for the generous grant from AT&T for our Igniting Talent program! This will continue to allow local high school students to gain experience and career readiness through a series of micro internships in a variety of fields through partnerships with local businesses and establishments,” said Meghan Abate, Founder & President of the JoeAbate Charitable Foundation. “With this support from AT&T, Representative Candelora and Senator Cicarella, Igniting Talent will continue to inspire students’ confidence and help them discover a fulfilling career path that sets them up for success.”


The AT&T Foundation funding will support underserved Juniors and Seniors uncertain of their post high school plans by assisting them in developing interests in specific professions, creating a career-path and awarding each a $1,000 scholarship to help defray training and/or educational costs in their selected fields.


“The JoeAbate Foundation continues to be a model program for helping young people to realize their full potential. Joe was one of my best friends, and his memory lives on through each student who finds a path to a fulfilling career through the Foundation’s Igniting Talent Program. This grant funding will go directly to those students who need it most, helping them to access the training or education needed to succeed in their chosen field. Thanks to The AT&T Foundation for this generous grant, and thank you to the many other dedicated supporters. I look forward to the great things that the Foundation will do in Joe’s memory,” said state Sen. Paul Cicarella, (R-North Haven.)


“This generous grant award from the AT&T Foundation is a recognition of the inspirational mission of the Igniting Talent program, which I know will pay long-term dividends not just in the lives of young people, but also in our local and state economies where career readiness and talent pipeline initiatives have become increasingly important,” said state Rep. Vincent Candelora, House Minority Leader (R-North Branford.) “I’m happy that Senator Cicarella and I played a small role in this award by telling the team at AT&T about the good work of the charitable foundation created in Joe’s honor, and I look forward to seeing its positive impact spread throughout our region for years to come.”


“Now more than ever, it is critical to ensure organizations like the JoeAbate Charitable Foundation have the resources they need to continue making a significant impact on the lives of Connecticut students. Every student deserves an opportunity to make their dreams a reality. The team at the JoeAbate Charitable Foundation is helping to do just that, and we at AT&T are proud to support their dedicated efforts,” said John Emra, President, AT&T New England.


The JoeAbate Foundation partners with businesses to provide students with hands-on internships and real-life experience in the field of their interest. During the 2022 legislative session, Senator Cicarella co-sponsored legislation modeled after the Foundation’s Igniting Talent Program to provide students with exposure to a variety of careers prior to graduating high school.