Kelly, Formica Respond to Lamont Claiming He’s Created a “More Affordable” Connecticut

August 25, 2022

Kelly, Formica: “Anyone who has their feet firmly planted in the middle class knows CT is not affordable and is getting more unaffordable by the day.”


HARTFORD – Senate Republican Leader Kevin Kelly (R-Stratford) and Senate Republican Leader Pro Tempore Paul Formica (R-East Lyme) issued the following statement in response to Governor Ned Lamont’s press conference held today in which the Governor claimed he’s making Connecticut more affordable:


“For Governor Lamont to stand at a podium with a sign that claims he’s making Connecticut ‘more affordable’ would be laughable if it wasn’t such dire times for CT families. Connecticut is more unaffordable today than just a few months ago and will only become more unaffordable as home heating oil prices skyrocket and Gov. Lamont’s new taxes on trucks and diesel take hold. But Governor Lamont says he’s done enough already. How does taking $2 billion in taxes out of CT residents’ pockets and giving a one time $250 rebate to a select few make our state more affordable? Anyone who has their feet firmly planted in the middle class knows CT is not affordable and is getting more unaffordable by the day, despite what the Governor’s banner says. If you want to make CT more affordable we must reduce the income tax, cut the sales tax and diesel tax, stop the truck tax, and fully fund energy assistance. But Democrats said no. They said that’s irresponsible. Now the majority is claiming they are making CT more affordable. In what neighborhood?


“Connecticut remains the second highest taxed state in the nation thanks to $2 billion in new taxes imposed by Gov. Lamont, income is not keeping up with the cost of living, and families are struggling every day. The limited, one time relief Gov. Lamont celebrates is not nearly enough to offset his tax increases, let alone provide the relief working- and middle-class families need to ease the burdens of Biden’s inflation. Republicans put forward immediate and long term tax cuts and energy assistance; more than twice the relief Democrats claimed to offer, and which Democrats are now failing to fully deliver to CT residents. The child tax credit is relief we supported, but it’s not even reaching all the families to whom it was promised. At least $32 million in promised ‘tax relief’ is not being delivered by CT Democrats and Governor Lamont. That’s over 125,000 children from working- and middle-class families who are not getting the help they were promised. This rebate remains far short of what families need to ease their burdens as inflation and recession now grips our nation and state. Nor does this rebate even begin to offset the pain that will be caused by CT Democrats sitting by while home heating oil assistance evaporates. Gov. Lamont and CT Democrats told us we would see lower car tax bills, they told us every child would get a relief check, and they told us pandemic pay would reach front-line workers – they’ve failed on all accounts. So much for making promises you can’t keep.”