Sen. Kelly Recognized for Leading Efforts to Support Women’s Health Care with Early Cancer Screenings

July 18, 2022

Senate Republican Leader Kevin Kelly (R-Stratford) was recently recognized by the Radiological Society of Connecticut for his outstanding leadership in promoting the early detection of breast and ovarian cancer through insurance coverage expansions.


Senator Kelly cosponsored and advocated for Public Act No. 22-90 which will expand insurance coverage and access to preventative care and early detection for breast cancer and ovarian cancer.

Senator Kevin Kelly is presented with an award by Michael Crain, MD, President of the Radiological Society of Connecticut recognizing his advocacy for legislation to promote the early detection breast and ovarian cancer. Sen. Kelly was honored at the Radiological Society’s semiannual meeting at Amarante’s Sea Cliff in New Haven.

“Thousands of Connecticut residents are diagnosed with breast cancer or reproductive cancers, including ovarian cancer, every year,” said Sen. Kelly. “Cost should never stand in the way of the earliest possible detection, which is often key to survival. The legislation passed this year in Connecticut will expand access to preventative care and early detection. We know early detection saves lives and leads to better health outcomes. I am inspired by the advocates who worked on this bill tirelessly with lawmakers on both sides of the aisle. Their tenacity and bravery in sharing their stories propelled this new law forward. Their advocacy for women’s health care will help others and this legislation will save lives.”


The Radiological Society of Connecticut has recognized Senator Kevin Kelly as a strong advocate for prior years’ legislation that improves insurance coverage for women who may need more than one mammogram a year due to having higher risk factors such as a family history with breast cancer.  The legislation passed this year continues these efforts by ensuring that women do not need to pay any cost sharing when the mammogram or breast ultrasound tests occur. Co-payments can easily be $250 or more.


“We very much appreciate Senator Kelly’s strong support for measures that will help more women get tested for breast and cervical cancers.  The simple fact is, early detection saves lives,” said Thomas Farquhar, M.D, a radiologist and legislative chair of the Radiological Society of Connecticut. 


Senator Kelly has previously been recognized for his advocacy for preventative breast cancer screenings, also receiving the Legislative Champion Award in 2020 and the Outstanding Commitment to Quality Health Care and Patient Access Award in 2012, both from the Radiological Society of Connecticut.