Sen. Hwang Honors and Pays Tribute to Chief William “Bill” Halstead

July 12, 2022

Photo courtesy of The Newtown Bee


Sandy Hook Volunteer Fire and Rescue (SHVFR) longtime ‘Chief’ and community public safety leader William “Bill” Halstead passed away at his home after responding to a volunteer service call on Friday evening 7/8/22. 

Bill Halstead was always ready and in the line of duty protecting the people of Newtown and Sandy Hook, since first volunteering with SHVFR at age 16.

“Chief William Halstead was a friend, role model and a cornerstone of Newtown’s community and public safety operations as he led and inspired multiple generations of volunteers at SHVFR, served as Fire Marshall and led the Newtown Emergency Management Operation during multiple public safety incidents and recoveries for many years. Bill was a state leader in public and fire safety.”

“I was honored to work and learn from him as a state senator and volunteer during natural weather and power outage incidents and was so impressed and awed by his knowledge and expertise and ultimately by his tireless commitment to “his” hometown and community. ‘Chief’ Halstead was disciplined, organized and the consummate professional, while showing remarkable patience and sympathies for those suffering loss or inconveniences. Those unique combinations of skills are difficult traits to possess simultaneously but are critical to finding solutions and ensuring all of our community members are safe. 

“‘Chief’ Halstead’s legacy of selflessness and public service will live on for many years to come. I offer my most sincere condolences to his family and his wife, Newtown’s Town Clerk Debbie Aurelia Halstead in this difficult time. God bless.”