Monroe Delegation Applauds Funding for Wolfe Park

July 29, 2022

Senate Republican Leader Kevin Kelly, Representative Tony Scott, Senator Marilyn Moore and Monroe First Selectman Kenneth M. Kellogg applauded the State Bond Commission’s approval of a $150,000 grant-in-aid to the Town of Monroe for athletic facility upgrades at Wolfe Park. The funding was approved at today’s State Bond Commission meeting.


“Wolfe Park is a wonderful resource and gathering place for our community and local families,” said Senator Kevin Kelly. “From the recent new construction of its community-built accessible playground to exciting improvements coming to its athletic facilities, there is much to celebrate and appreciate. I thank the State Bond Commission for recognizing the importance of investing in Monroe and continuing to support and enhance our community resources.”


“Monroe’s Wolfe Park is a destination for so many of our residents and families in town, as well as groups in Stratford, Trumbull and Bridgeport, among others,” said Representative Tony Scott. “Basketball courts and sports fields are where our kids learn about sportsmanship and teamwork, but some of the park’s courts are in need of repair, limiting the activities of our youth groups, campers and residents. Now, improvements are on the way, thanks to the commission’s decision today. I will continue to support these projects and others like it.”


“Our communities deserve the best and when facilities and different areas of our state are upgraded, increased safe access is improved,” said Senator Marilyn Moore. “Upgrading the athletic facility at Wolfe Park supports our youth as we look to provide a rehabilitated area for children to build upon their skills. An upgraded facility will work to promote a more welcoming environment for children to practice.”


“I am extremely grateful for this approval from the State Bond Commission and for the unanimous support from Monroe’s state legislative delegation,” said Monroe First Selectman Kenneth M. Kellogg.


Kellogg said that the project, which would completely repair, regrade, resurface, and re-stripe the courts, was already on the Town’s list of priority projects. “These courts are heavily used and in need of significant repairs.  Having state funding available to support this project will directly help the Monroe community,” said Kellogg.