June 8, 2022

Miner and Harding join CT Senate & House Republicans’ Push for Special Session to Cut Income Tax and Sales Tax, Suspend Diesel Tax, Repeal Truck Tax, and Help Families Struggling to Afford Energy Costs


Yesterday State Sen. Craig Miner (R-Litchfield) and State Rep. Stephen Harding (R-Brookfield) joined Connecticut Senate and House Republican lawmakers in calling for a special legislative session focused on making Connecticut more affordable as residents struggle with rising inflation.


House and Senate Republican leaders unveiled a package of policies to make Connecticut more affordable for working- and middle-class families, which includes providing relief from rising energy costs as well as cutting the income tax, sales tax, and taxes that drive up the prices of food.


The package includes:


  • a permanent reduction to the income tax for low to moderate income individuals and families
  • a sales tax reduction and meals tax suspension
  • suspension of the diesel excise tax
  • repeal of the new state truck tax, and
  • bolstering assistance to families that need help paying for energy costs like heating oil.


“We have suffered through the worst pandemic in 100 years and made untold sacrifices of our freedoms and finances. Now, we are being pummeled by inflation in great part from the administration’s mishandling of policy that impacts the cost of energy, food, goods and fuel. This crisis was avoidable. It has very little to do with Putin’s war and everything to do with the failed energy policy of President Biden’s administration, our state’s administration and its handpicked Dept. of Energy and Environmental Commissioner Katie Dykes. We must bring relief to Connecticut families now,” said Sen Miner.


“At the direction of the Governor, DEEP has overseen the rising cost of electricity, and attempted to institute tolls, impose more taxes to force people out of their gas-powered cars including a greenhouse penalty on fossil fuels—all in the name of climate change. There has been no end to these efforts over the last two to three years. Connecticut families are now seeing the damaging results of this statewide policy combined with President Biden’s action to halt domestic drilling operations and the Keystone XL Pipeline. We must do what we can for Connecticut families to reverse their suffering and provide immediate relief,” he said.


“The residents across our state need tax relief immediately,” said Rep. Harding. “Whether it’s at the grocery store or at the gas pump, the hardworking people of this state are faced with rising inflation every day. Asking for even more money to come out of their wallets and pocketbooks is wholly unacceptable. In a state that already has one of the highest tax burdens, we must provide this relief now.”


CT Republicans proposed a $1.2 billion tax relief package during the regular 2022 legislative session, but every Democrat in the state legislature voted against the tax reductions. CT Republicans are now proposing to utilize $746.2 million in remaining state surplus funds to provide this relief. This requires no budget cuts, preserves a historic $2.85 billion in additional contributions to pay down on pension debt, and maintains a record breaking $3.3 billion in the budget reserve fund – the maximum amount allowed.


Senator Miner and Representative Harding urge the public to join their calls by visiting, signing the petition to call for a special session, and join their “Rally for an Affordable Connecticut” in Torrington on Monday, June 13 at 4:30 PM at Sunoco Gas Station, 1758 E. Main St. The rally is the first in a statewide series of Senate and House Republican events to spread the Affordable CT message and call to action.