Senator Kelly Applauds CT’s New Laws on Climate Change & Green Energy

May 19, 2022

Senate Republican Leader Kevin Kelly (R-Stratford) applauded the official signing of two important pro-environment bills he supported during the 2022 legislative session.


The bills, signed into law on Tuesday, aim to mitigate the impact of climate change by decarbonizing the electric sector and expanding support for solar and renewable energy programs.


“Connecticut is a beautiful state we must preserve and protect,” said Sen. Kelly. “All people in our state deserve clean air, healthy communities, and a thriving environment. These bills are important steps to transition Connecticut to a greener future in a practical, sustainable way. More must be done, especially on the federal level to address pollution creation in states to our west where the vast majority of pollutants in our air originate from. I continue to push our Congressional delegation in Washington to secure federal changes to improve air quality in the states that create the pollution that enters Connecticut and I continue to advocate for federal infrastructure dollars to be spent in a way that prioritizes reducing emissions with full transparency and accountability.”


Senator Kelly cosponsored Public Act 22-5 (An Act Concerning Climate Change Mitigation) which sets goals to transition Connecticut’s electric supply away from relying on natural gas and oil to power our electric grid.


Senator Kelly also supported Public Act 22-14 (An Act Concerning Clean Energy Tariff Programs) which supports solar projects and renewable energy by expanding programs supporting distributed renewable generation and helps reduce the energy burden of participating customers. It allows larger-scale solar projects to get the same regulatory treatment as smaller ones.