Sen. Tony Hwang Calls for Immediate Action to Address Public Health Risk of National Infant Formula Shortage

May 20, 2022

Senator Tony Hwang (R-28) the ranking leader on the legislative Public Health and the Insurance committees stood up for families struggling to provide appropriate and adequate nutrition for their infants and children with special nutritional needs.


“The infant formula shortage is an unimaginable challenge for families to face who, for months now, have been reeling from historic inflation, the high prices for gas, food and diapers coupled with supply chain shortages,” said Sen. Hwang.


“Many parents who rely on formula for their baby’s nutritional needs are now at risk of not being able to find the formula products they need. Depending on a baby’s unique allergies or digestive system, there are very specific and expensive formula brands and blends that parents are scouring stores and the internet to find. The shortage of baby formula is both stressful and dangerous for families,” said Sen. Hwang.


Senator Hwang shared some pointers provided by the American Academy of Pediatrics and the United States Food and Drug Administration to help families as they navigate the shortage:




  • View Temporary Formula Substitutions List. The temporary formula substitutions list provides substitutes that you may find available in stores. This list is updated regularly. 


  • Comparable Formulas Authorized: the CT WIC Program is working closely with families to provide support and information on available options, including a temporarily expanded WIC formula list to offer comparable products for formulas that have been difficult to locate. This is available on their website:


Sen. Hwang said, “If parents, children and newborns are facing uncertainty surrounding the availability and access to proper nutrition, then the federal government must act with a sense of urgency to overcome safety concerns and the supply chain log jam. Our youngest citizens’ day to day survival depends on finding solutions. We were able as an economy and state to come together to create PPE and additional Covid-managing materials. The time is NOW for our food and drug producers to come up with creative ways to rapidly increase the production of this vital resource.”


The CT legislative committees on Public Health and Children held an informational hearing on Tuesday, May 18 and Senator Hwang will be following the actions taken following this meeting closely.  For more information and updates visit or email him directly at [email protected].