Sen. Sampson Praises Unanimous Passage of Proposal to Protect Those with Disabilities from Discrimination

May 2, 2022

Section of expansive public health bill is Sen. Sampson’s stand-alone measure protecting those with disabilities in need of an organ donor


Sen. Rob Sampson (R-Wolcott) today praised the General Assembly’s passage of H.B. 5500, a 78-section public health measure that includes his stand-alone measure (S.B. 330) to ensure that those with a disability are not discriminated against during the organ donation process. The bill also includes multiple Senate Republican proposals outlined earlier this year in A Better Way to a Healthy Connecticut.


The measure earned final passage in the Senate today with unanimous support.


“Ensuring that those with disabilities do not face discrimination when in need of an organ is something that is necessary, and I’m delighted that we’ve taken the next step toward that end today. After reviewing the other 77 sections, I was able to find a benefit to the public’s interest without infringements on their freedom. This outcome is rare when a sweeping bill of this scope is in question,” said Senator Sampson.


“It should be noted that this is not the way that we as a body should pass legislation. It might be an effective means to pass legislation quickly, but it is not fair to our constituents. I would much rather vote individually on the 20 to 30 separate bills that represent the content of this legislation. We should dedicate the time and energy to tackling these unique issues one by one. We owe this to our constituents,” he said.