Sen. Berthel Applauds First Step to Curb CT’s Catalytic Converter Theft Crisis

May 2, 2022

Today State Sen. Eric Berthel (R-Watertown) applauded the Senate’s unanimous passage of S.B. 256, which enacts several changes to how motor vehicle recyclers, scrap metal processors and junk dealers both receive and sell catalytic converters.


Senator Berthel requested for this concept to be raised at the beginning of the 2022 legislative session amidst the statewide catalytic converter theft epidemic. He sees this measure, designed to deter criminals at the point-of-sale, as a first step to addressing the ongoing catalytic converter theft crisis in Connecticut.


“Families in all ten towns of my district have been affected by this epidemic. They are frustrated and want action. Today, we made a positive first step by holding criminals accountable at the sale or disposal side of catalytic converter thefts, when they attempt to turn these devices into cash,” said Senator Berthel.


“We have fallen short, though, to stop the root cause of this criminal activity when criminals cut these devices off a victim’s car. It is important to keep in mind that this is not a victimless crime. Criminals create havoc for their victims, who are burdened financially and left with hours of wasted time because of an inoperable vehicle; catalytic converters can take weeks to replace because of supply shortages.


“I think this is a good place for us to begin. When we come back next year, we will see the results of this measure if it becomes law. It is my hope that we can do something to prevent these crimes from taking place altogether,” he said.