Marijuana Grower & Retailer Licensing Update: May 13, 2022

May 13, 2022

Town officials, Planning & Zoning Commissions should take note of statutory cap elimination on growers and retailers.


Town officials, in particular members of local Planning & Zoning Commissions, should take note of a change of state statute concerning licensing for marijuana growers and retailers.


The General Assembly recently enacted a measure that removes the statutory cap on the number of such business licenses that may be held per town. Until now, the cap was previously set at one (1) such business for every 25,000 residents until 2024, at which time the DCP commissioner could set the cap.


The General Assembly adopted a measure during the 2022 session that removes this statutory cap.


What town officials and Planning & Zoning Commissions in the 30th District should know:


Local Planning & Zoning Commissions should be aware that there will no longer be a statutory cap. If your respective town previously decided that it will provide opportunities for such businesses using the former cap metrics, this is no longer the case.