Column: The Democrats’ Crime Wave is Real

May 9, 2022

Column as published in the CT Examiner:


The last couple of years have brought significant crime closer to our doorsteps than many of us are used to. Just weeks ago, we were witness to yet another example that unfolded on the streets of Waterbury, finally culminating in a dramatic crash in Monroe. Cellphone video and police bodycam footage provided us with this first-hand account, which quickly went viral, gaining worldwide coverage. The disturbing images of a woman, fleeing the law, repeatedly ramming her white, 6,500-pound HUMMER H2 into a barricade of Waterbury Police cruisers were on full display for us to see. Unfortunately, this kind of lawlessness continues to become more commonplace.


We now know that the woman who violently assaulted Waterbury and Monroe police officers, injuring seven of them in the process, was on-the-run in connection with 41 car break-ins in Wolcott that previous week. After evading capture in Waterbury, she fled the scene and lost control of her HUMMER some 25 miles later in Monroe and totaled the vehicle. Thank God no one was killed.


Because of the outstanding policework of both local and state police officers, this suspect was taken into custody without the loss of life. These men and women in our law enforcement did an amazing job despite difficult circumstances. However, many of my constituents have become increasingly more disturbed and frightened and they have every right to be.


The results of legislative Democrats’ failed policies are on full display. Despite their obvious attempts at deflection, these are not campaign talking points or ‘fearmongering.’ This outcome could have potentially resulted in the death of a police officer or innocent person. The current situation is unacceptable and a direct result of the failed police accountability legislation that passed into law in 2020 – as well as a litany of other policies enacted by the Democrat majority on party lines over the past ten years – including the risk reduction credit program that allows violent offenders out of prison early, raising the age in which juveniles can be tried as adults, eliminating consent searches – even permanently erasing criminal records! These measures have put us all at greater risk.


Sadly, examples of a significant rise in crime like this are likely to continue until there is change in the makeup of our state government. Progressive Democrats elected to the state legislature hold nearly two-to-one majorities in both chambers and continue to undermine the rule of law and create an environment beneficial to criminals of all ages. While these progressive Democrats continue to repeat their favorite talking point that vehicle break-ins and thefts are ‘nonviolent’ crime, the incident on Sunday shatters this false narrative. This is an illustration of how supposed ‘nonviolent’ criminals turn to violence when confronted—this time, willingly using an automobile as a weapon to escape.


For those who will say that will claim I’m playing partisan politics, please open your eyes. These crimes are real. They are happening. Ask any police officer across our state. I agree with those that say the solution is not putting every offender in prison. We need to find ways to encourage a different path for juveniles involved in crime. However, we cannot turn a blind eye to the insane increase in car thefts and break-ins. It is time to begin prosecuting crime in our state again. Real criminals should be locked up.


What I want you to know is that we have the chance to fix this mess. My Republican colleagues and I have proposed dozens of bills and amendments to reverse these bad policies and restore the rule of law, but they have been voted down, misrepresented, or simply ignored by elected Democrats in Hartford. They know they are caught, yet still refuse to address the problem, instead continuing to advance an agenda increasingly friendly to criminals.


However, every lawmaker’s votes are a public record. It’s time to hold them accountable and demand a change in course – and to put those who created this environment of lawlessness out of a job.


As always, you can count on me to continue as the loudest voice in Hartford to restore law and order in Connecticut. Don’t hesitate to reach out to me here at