Kelly, Candelora: “CT Democrats rejected the largest tax cut in state history”

May 9, 2022

HARTFORD – Senate Republican Leader Kevin Kelly (R-Stratford) and House Republican Leader Vincent Candelora (R-North Branford) released the following joint statement in reaction to Governor Ned Lamont signing into law the FY 2023 state budget adjustment:


“This budget adjustment is a missed opportunity to make Connecticut more affordable. This session, Connecticut lawmakers voted on the largest tax reduction in state history – but that’s not what Gov. Lamont is signing into law today. Connecticut Democrats voted against what would have been a record-breaking $1.2 billion tax relief package for Connecticut’s working- and middle-class families proposed by CT Republicans. We offered an income tax cut and sales tax cut and would have eliminated taxes that drive up the prices of food. We showed a better way to a more affordable Connecticut, but Democrats were unwilling to join us in delivering significant, immediate relief even as families struggle with historic inflation.


“Today, CT Democrats admitted that we can deliver more tax relief on top of their proposals without any question of federal restrictions, but they choose not to. To correct the record, both Democrat and Republican led states have challenged Washington on federal tax relief limits, and no state has lost in federal court. To the contrary, they have been successful. To date, 40% of America has governors who stand up for their taxpayers. We in Connecticut on the other hand have a governor who is afraid to challenge Washington on this issue and give the people the tax relief they need. In fact, he won’t even give them the maximum amount of tax relief allowed under the federal limits.


“Overall, CT Democrats offered election year tax credits that do little to lessen the strain on people’s wallets today, and do not make our state more affordable over the long term. Instead of giving families more tax relief, CT Democrats chose to increase spending and grow government. They chose temporary relief in the future when people need help now. It’s wrong for government to keep the overtaxation of Connecticut residents due to inflation, especially at a time when so many people are struggling. After raising taxes by over $6 billion in the last decade, CT Democrats are trying to sell $500 million in temporary relief in an election year as a panacea, so they can spend $2.3 billion now.  This budget is a missed opportunity to make Connecticut more affordable, at a time when affordability is a real struggle for every working and middle-class family.”



BACKGROUND History of CT Tax Policy:

$2.5 billion tax increase (2011 CT Democrat Budget)

$316 million tax increase (2013 CT Democrat Budget)

$2 billion tax increase (2015 CT Democrat Budget)

$1.8 billion tax increase (2019 CT Democrat Budget signed by Gov. Lamont including a new meals tax and expansion of the state sales tax)

$90 million tax increase (2021 Democrat Approved Truck Tax)


$6.7 Billion in Tax Increases passed by CT Democrats