Senator Dan Champagne: “It is time to return to a full and proper state government”

April 13, 2022


Senator Dan Champagne Votes Against Extending Executive Orders

HARTFORD – Today Senator Dan Champagne (R-35) voted against SB 493 which was presented to Senate Republicans as an “Emergency Certification” measure to further extend the few remaining executive orders originally authorized by Governor Lamont in the height of the Covid-19 pandemic.


“This is not an issue of what is being addressed, but rather how it is being addressed in this bill. The senate was asked to vote to extend the Governor’s emergency orders, when instead each of these measures should have been put through a committee process and given public input. We are here, in person, in session today and it is long past the time where we should be handling the lasting impacts of the coronavirus in a regular legislative manner,” said Champagne.


“I voted no today because Connecticut should return to the full and proper operation of its state government,” concluded Champagne.”


Senator Champagne, who serves as ranking member on the legislative committee on Public Safety and Security, has been a vocal opponent of each extension of the Governor’s Emergency powers and orders.