April 25, 2022

State Sen. Tony Hwang, R-Fairfield, a top GOP lawmakers on both the legislative Insurance and Public Health committees, said the huge, expensive bill that is a major legislative priority and a “testament” to the state’s parents.

“There will be people that will criticize this for its cost,” Hwang said. “And the cost is an important consideration. But to me, the cost is out-weighed by the importance of mental health for our younger generation. COVID has created such an untenable burden on that community. The masking dilemma, the challenge of having their lives turned upside down that is beyond their control. Our children have suffered immeasurable challenges during this COVID pandemic.”


“This bill is a testament to parents who have spoken out and fought for their children’s well-being,” Sen. Tony Hwang, R-Fairfield, said Friday. “This bill is a testament to their tenacity and to their voice in advocating for their children. I’m very grateful this legislative body has heard those parents, those grandparents, those caregivers, loud and clear.”