Sen. Sampson Supports Law Abiding Firearm Owners, Corrects Gov.’s Onerous Gun Control Bill (3/31/22)

April 1, 2022

Senator Sampson remarks on bipartisan efforts in the Judiciary Committee to adjust the Governor’s onerous gun control legislation (S.B. 16) The amendment is a step forward in the right direction to protecting law abiding firearm owners, and addressing the real problem in Connecticut: Illegally obtained and possessed firearms In the hands of criminals. (Judiciary Committee, Mar. 31, 2022)


More from Senator Sampson:


“The majority of onerous parts of the Governor’s gun control proposal S.B. 16 including bans on others, gun parts etc., as well open carry have been stripped from the language of the bill. All that remains is the trafficking task force and some language about licensing firearm dealers.


“This is an incredible achievement. The real credit goes to the many patriotic gun owners and 2A advocates who made their presence felt at the State Capitol several times already this year. Kudos to our house Ranking Member Rep. Fishbein for negotiating these changes. We have a quite a few strong 2A legislators on the Judiciary committee and I am sure our presence was felt by the Democrat leadership when deciding if they wanted to debate the bill in committee. Anyway, a huge win for gun owners and freedom lovers in CT today!”