Sen. Sampson Statement on Wolcott Break-In Suspect

April 4, 2022

Sen. Rob Sampson Praises Local, State Police for Apprehension of Suspect in 41 Vehicle Break-Ins in Wolcott; Condemns Actions of Fleeing Suspect Who Injured Seven Officers


Sen. Rob Sampson (R-Wolcott) today commented on the outstanding policework of both local and state police officers in the Sunday apprehension of a female suspect involved in 41 car break-ins in Wolcott last week. He also condemned the wanton lawlessness of the suspect who, after being located in Waterbury, intentionally rammed her vehicle into multiple police cruisers in an attempt to escape. The attempted escape ended in Monroe when the suspect crashed after losing control of her vehicle. A reported seven police officers were injured and eight police vehicles were damaged in the incident.


“Thank you to Wolcott, Waterbury, Monroe and Connecticut State Police for coming to action following an unprecedented string of 41 car break-ins in Wolcott last week. The men and women of each department did an amazing job under the worst of circumstances.


“Sadly, this ridiculous crime wave will continue to happen until there is change in the state legislature. Progressive Democrats elected to the state legislature who hold nearly two-to-one majorities in both chambers continue to undermine the rule of law and create an environment beneficial to criminals of all ages. While these progressive Democrats continue to repeat their favorite talking point that vehicle break-ins and thefts are ‘nonviolent’ crime, the incident on Sunday shatters this false narrative. This is an illustration of how supposed ‘nonviolent’ criminals turn to violence when confronted—this time, willingly using an automobile as a weapon to escape. Any ordinary, reasonable person in Connecticut is disturbed and frightened by this act of wanton lawlessness in our backyard,” said Senator Sampson.


“The results of legislative Democrats’ failed policies are on full display here. This is not a campaign talking point or ‘fearmongering’ as members of the majority routinely accuse of me. Yesterday’s outcome could possibly have resulted in the death of a police officer or innocent person at the hands of a criminal with ‘multiple outstanding warrants.’ This situation is unacceptable and is a direct result of the failed police accountability legislation that majority Democrats passed into law in 2020. My Republican colleagues and I have offered several amendments and legislative fixes to this policy, which the majority has either rejected or significantly curtailed in deference to the criminal. We have seen other polices written and enacted by the Democrat majority that contribute to this mayhem like the reduction credit program allowing violent offenders out early, raising the age in which juveniles can be tried as adults, eliminating consent searches and a litany of piecemeal efforts to protect criminals that put Connecticut families in greater risk.


“With few exceptions, these measures passed on party lines with Republican opposition and majority-Democrat support. Each year, I submit legislation to reverse these dangerous policies. These common-sense measures are defeated, again, along party lines.


“This incident is yet another reminder that more people are resorting to crime and are emboldened to do so because of failed Connecticut Democrat polices. An incident of this magnitude, like others in the past year, begs the question: ‘What would compel a person or persons to break in to 41 vehicles and later lead police on a multi-town chase when confronted?’ This criminal conduct is never acceptable in a civilized, free society. However, the standard of living in Connecticut has gone down and the level of desperation for many has risen. I will continue to advance meaningful solutions to reverse this trend and restore safety and opportunity for those in our district and across the state,” he said.