Sen. Hwang, FCLC, Save the Children build Awareness and Support for Children Impacted by Ukraine-Russia War

April 6, 2022

State Senator Tony Hwang participated in a Save the Children event at the Pequot Library in Southport. He was joined on stage by Simonne Hewitt and Joan Panagos, co-chairs of the Fairfield County Leadership Council (FCLC) at Save the Children to discuss the impact of war on Ukrainian children as the humanitarian crisis rages on in their home country.

Senator Hwang is a longtime supporter of Save the Children and was honored to be invited to speak and share his sentiments with an engaged audience.  “War is illogical, and the trauma endured by children during war is devastating and consequential. Save the Children has been providing incredible care and support for children and families in Ukraine, just as they have done for other children all over the world for over 100 years.” Senator Hwang added, “My heart and prayers are with the Ukrainian people and hope that war and violence ends soon and that recovery and healing begins.”

The Fairfield County Leadership Council (FCLC) represents a group of philanthropic leaders who are taking the initiative in building greater awareness and support in Fairfield County Connecticut. Their mission – to ensure every child in the United States and around the world grows up healthy, educated and protected from harm.

Joan Panagos and Simonne Hewett, co-chairs of the FCLC shared, “We were so grateful to see the incredible turnout of people from our community who share our concern for the humanitarian crisis caused by the war in the Ukraine. The heartfelt appeal from Senator Hwang in support of Save the Children’s efforts on the ground was amplified by the personal stories from residents whose families are trying each day to survive this horrific crisis in Ukraine. It truly moved the audience. We are both so grateful for the support. Our wish is for the war to end, peace to prevail and the healing of the Ukrainian people to begin.”

To learn more about FCLC and Save the Children, visit their website.