Sen. Dan Champagne Puts the Brakes on Catalytic Converter Thefts

April 29, 2022

HARTFORD – Today a unanimous State Senate took a decided step toward slowing the state’s spike in catalytic converter thefts by passing SB 256 an act concerning the purchase or receipt of catalytic converters by motor vehicle recyclers, scrap metal processors and junk dealers.


The purpose of this bill is to slow the market for catalytic converters by requiring identification of the seller and the converter to be sold, proper documentation of how the converter was obtained and issuing payment only via check.


“We are creating a chain of custody for these car parts to prevent individuals from being able to profit off of stolen converters,” said Senator Dan Champagne. “Right now, the market for these parts is almost providing an incentive for a person to steal converters off a series of cars in a single neighborhood. By removing the anonymity from these transactions, we will increase accountability.”


“Junk yards, scrap metal processors, motor vehicle processors and car dealerships were all involved in the designing of this legislation and we are optimistic that these additional check points will deter people from stealing catalytic converters to sell them,” said Sen. Champagne.