Sen. Champagne calls for “A Better Way”

April 9, 2022

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Connecticut Senate Republicans are working to make Connecticut a safer, healthier, accountable, and more affordable place to live, work and raise a family.

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Connecticut’s economy and its policies are not delivering for working and middle class families.  The cost of living is skyrocketing, health care remains unaffordable and inaccessible for far too many, crime is increasing, drugs are pervasive, and Main Streets across our state are struggling.

There is a better way to help all people in Connecticut succeed.

Connecticut Senate Republicans are working to make Connecticut a safer, healthier, and more affordable place to live, work and raise a family. Senate Republican leaders are offering comprehensive ideas to provide relief to working and middle class families, to make our state safer, to respect the sacrifices of taxpayers, to create opportunity, and to remove barriers to basic needs like health care.

Read the Better Way proposals offered by Senate Republican Leaders below.


An Affordable Connecticut

Senate Republican leaders are proposing to reduce the state sales tax during this time of historic inflation. We want to help working and middle class families when it comes to kitchen table economics and reduce every day financial strains that make it harder and harder to budget for a family.


An Accountable Connecticut

As our state faces some of its most challenging times, Connecticut has an obligation to ensure every taxpayer dollar entrusted to our state is spent wisely and with full transparency. As Connecticut receives a historic amount of federal funding intended to provide relief and investment in our state, we must work to establish proper safeguards, openness, and accountability. This proposal will establish greater transparency and accountability of COVID-19 relief funds, federal infrastructure dollars, and opioid settlement funds.


A Safer Connecticut – Justice Reforms & Opportunity

A safer Connecticut starts with a stronger Connecticut. It starts with an economy that can support jobs, build hope and create a path to success for young people. It starts with proactive policing, appropriate consequences for repeat offenders and ensuring our justice system has the tools to successfully rehabilitate.


A Safer Connecticut – Combating Fentanyl

The opioid epidemic is a public health and public safety crisis in Connecticut. It has destroyed lives and taken the lives of far too many. Illicitly manufactured fentanyl has caused this crisis to explode even further. Deaths from overdoses, and particularly overdoses from fentanyl, are increasing at alarming rates. Combatting the opioid crisis and the deadly nature of Fentanyl requires a comprehensive approach with continued support for substance abuse treatment, access to lifesaving measures, and strong penalties for the trafficking of such a deadly substance.


A Healthy Connecticut – Supporting Mental Health

The COVID-19 pandemic has negatively impacted people’s mental health and created barriers to those seeking mental health care. It is a priority for the Connecticut General Assembly to address the mental health crisis and help all people — including women, children, and vulnerable populations — across our state access needed, quality health care to support their mental health and the health of their loved ones.


A Healthy Connecticut – Health Care Affordability

For working- and middle-class Connecticut families, health care is anything but affordable. Cost growth is out of control. Premiums are often the size of a monthly mortgage payment. Drug prices are an enormous burden. All these factors weigh down family budgets and eat into savings, leaving Connecticut families struggling to make ends meet. Now more than ever Connecticut families know how important quality and accessible health care is. Senate Republicans have pushed for action year after year. We again urge lawmakers to provide relief with these commonsense policies.