Sen. Berthel Applauds Senate Passage of Measure Providing Medical Assistance for Those Suffering from Obesity

April 19, 2022

Today State Sen. Eric Berthel (R-Watertown) applauded the Senate’s passage of S.B. 282, which expands medical assistance for bariatric surgery and prescription drug treatment for those suffering from obesity. As a recipient of bariatric and metabolic surgery, Senator Berthel has been a vocal advocate for this measure as a bipartisan co-sponsor since its first introduction in 2019. Most insurance plans in the state do not provide coverage for bariatric and metabolic surgery and the coverage is currently available to Connecticut residents who are covered by the state’s Husky Plans. Under this new legislation, both Medicaid and Husky B beneficiaries may also access these medical treatments.


“Today, we made a positive first step by expanding coverage to both Medicaid and Husky B beneficiaries. This is an important first step because it brings us closer to providing this coverage to even more individuals under the Affordable Care Act and through private insurance carriers. Thank you to all the patients and advocates who have testified in support of this bill over the past several years,” said Senator Berthel.


“Obesity is not a lifestyle problem or a choice that one would make; it is an addiction. Today’s passage of this measure is a legislative recognition that obesity is a disease and we have the ability to bring real treatment to those in need,” he said.