$1.9 Billion, 33% Wage Increases/Bonuses for State Employees Approved by CT Democrats

April 22, 2022

HARTFORD Senate Republican Leader Kevin Kelly (R-Stratford) and Senate Republican Leader Pro Tempore Paul Formica (R-East Lyme) reacted to the State Senate’s final approval of Governor Ned Lamont’s proposed $1.9 billion in wage increases and bonuses for state employees.


The proposal includes 7.5% general wage increases, 2% annual increment increases, and $3,500 in bonuses.


Together, the increases total a 33% wage increase over three years for 46,000 state employees.


The $1.9 billion in wages and benefit costs breaks down to approximately $40,500 per each state employee.


“At a time when the state is over collecting taxes from its residents, we must work return these dollars to all CT families—state workers included—not use these funds to grow government while CT families face historic financial struggles,” said Kelly and Formica. “Instead, CT Democrats are rushing to spend on growing the size and cost of government. Connecticut’s budget is balanced, in surplus, and exceeding revenues, meanwhile CT family budgets are struggling. They need relief now.


“This package prioritizes growing government over tax relief for all families. CT Democrats have only agreed to $100 million in immediate tax relief for CT’s 3.5 million residents, at the same time they are rushing to sign off on nearly $2 billion is bonuses and raises for state employee unions.


“We value and respect the public service of the state workforce, especially those workers who served on the front lines during the pandemic. But the SEBAC agreement is not related to pandemic pay nor recognizing those frontline workers.  It’s a 33% wage increase that grows spending to a level that is not sustainable, which will result in either higher taxes or reduced services, create more barriers to job creation, and lead to further tuition hikes at state colleges. It’s a question of fundamental fairness. This ‘deal’ is not fair for Connecticut families.”